The Yggdrasil Data Collection Framework

Yggdrasil consists of a flexible data collection framework, that takes into account the special characteristics and constraints of wireless sensor networks, e.g. power conservation. It targets applications like environmental monitoring, asset tracking, data center monitoring, security surveillance etc. The framework makes it easy for scientists and other domain experts, that do not necessarily have a strong computer programming background, to create applications that collect sensor data over long periods (months). The framework is being developed in close cooperation with several potential users including the United States Geological Survey (USGS), the Warren Wilson College, the CREA (Conservation Research Education Action ) organization, The Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden as well as some of our Sun Microsystems' datacenter management teams.

Yggdrasil supports the collection of data from Sun SPOTs through various gateways to a relational database for subsequent analysis and visualization. As we build the system up, we are leveraging the tools we already have for developing with Java and the Sun SPOTs, with the intent that these tools and data analysis will be used with many other embedded nodes, such as cellular phones, parking meters, automobile telemetry etc. The Yggdrasil project is open source and available at:

Robert Taylor

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