Mo Haghighi

I am an Electronics engineer, doing PhD in Pervasive Wireless Sensor Networks. I work part-time for Sun Microsystems. I'm also following my research in collaboration with British Telecoms.

I did my undergraduate in Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering (BEng) , followed by an MSc in Wireless Sensor Networks . My research areas of interest are : RFIDs, Embedded Systems, Robotics, WSN Middlewares, Antenna Design, Digital Signal Processing, Data Fusion, Networking, Java/ME/FX, C++, Unix, OpenSolaris, ZFS, Microprocessors.

I have developed an operating system called 'Acraybot' for 8-32 bit embedded systems which is object oriented, multitasking and very light and flexible. I have developed several projects using custom-built sensor platforms with my own designs and firmware. My projects were aimed at monitoring environmental parameters and energy management. In the early stages of my projects I used Sunspots to test my scenarios in multi-hop routing.

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