Education With Sun Spots

Recently, the PATS research group of the University of Antwerp introduced sensor networks into its research. Consequently, we also incorporated this topic into our teaching curriculum. Past experiences with traditional sensor network platforms however showed a steep learning curve to get familiar with the platform, which makes it hard to use them in time limited practical courses. Once we discovered the Sun SPOTS with an all Java approach, this hurdle was easily taken.

This talk will introduce two implementations of education with Sun SPOTS. First, we teach the course "Sensor Network Lab". Here students learn to use Sun SPOTS and develop a specific network related sensory application in order to get some first hands on experience with sensor networks. We will describe the practicalities of this course, assignments students get and most important the reactions of students on this technology.

The second part of this talk illustrates how Sun SPOTS are used to guide Master students towards research topics in internships and Masters theses. Ongoing work will be presented together with preliminary results and the personal opinions of our Master students about Sun SPOTS.

The presentation is available at my personal webpage.

Bart Braem

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